H stands for Hairy Spiders

Ugh! I hate hairy spiders. And I can’t kill ’em. I can’t even get within arm’s length of them. I have this completely irrational fear they’re going to develop super Spidey ninja skills and leap up at my face. And I don’t know about the rest of the world, but Georgia has some uber scary hairy spiders. (Okay, okay, the Goliath spider that’s as big as a dinner plate would give me a heart attack. Absolutely. But thankfully, it’s not in Georgia.)

My husband thinks I’m a wuss. So does my fourteen year old son. I haven’t asked my nearly eleven year old what he thinks, but it’s probably better that way 😛

I should be more scared of the brown recluse, or the black widow. But there’s just something…creepy… about an arachnid the size of a quarter with hair all over its body.

One of the two wolf spiders I found having a party in my bathroom had mad skills… it escaped from underneath a coffee cup. (No one was home, and did I mention I can’t get close enough to kill them??) When my husband came home from work I made him go into the bathroom to squash it, he lifted the cup and… no spider! The damn thing pulled a Houdini. I still don’t know where it went O.o.




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5 responses to “H stands for Hairy Spiders

  1. k~

    I’m not keen on the bald spiders either! 🙂

  2. *shivers* Yeah, I am with you on hairy spiders. I have a complex set of guidelines as to which spiders are sentenced to dead and which are ignored, but the hairy ones are the worst. They are cut no deals! (and I have pretty good aim with a shoe)

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