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The Ones that Got Away

I hate that expression, by the way. ‘The one that got away’. My exes didn’t have to ‘get away’ from me. At least…I certainly hope they didn’t feel that way. Anyway, saying ‘the one that got away’ implies, to me, that what I have is second best. And that is definitely not the case.

I was the one who determined my past relationships wouldn’t work. I don’t hold the men to fault. They were, and still are, great guys. The best.

The men that got away are the ones I pushed away, and they respected me enough to leave. I will always regret what I did to them. Because all they did was love me.


I wish I could tell those men how special they are to me. I wish I could tell them that knowing them has changed me in very profound ways. I wish I could tell them how sorry I am for hurting them like I did.

Maybe I already have.


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