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Black Bean

Pets are God’s constant and physical reminder that truly unconditional love exists. I miss my reminder. We said goodbye to him on Saturday. And now the only reminders I have are the empty spaces around the house; the dog door that’s now shut, the dog bed holding all his squeaky toys, the clean laundry on his part of the sectional sofa.
Everywhere I look, there he isn’t.

But I still see him. In every room. Early in the morning, when I’m awake (but my eyes are shut) I feel his weight on the bed. I caught a glimpse of his head peering at me over the kitchen counter yesterday. I hear him snuffling around the backyard.

It breaks my heart, but then I realize…

It’s a gift. His presence, here in our lives now, is an immeasurable gift during our time of grief.

Bean the Giant


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