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New Ventures Don’t Mean New Failures

It’s been 14 months since I first self-published Maid of Sherwood, and I have loved every single step of the journey. I’ve had a huge amount of support, I’ve had consistent sales and I’ve had readers tell me they are willing to read anything I put out there.

However, I really feel the next step in my journey needs to be finding an agent for my next novel. I’ve gone back and forth about it for months. I’ve heard all the pros and cons. Just because I’m offered a contract (by agent or publishing house) I need to remember that it’s an offer and offers can be rejected if they do not suit me and my goals. And if I’m not offered representation, I can still turn back to self-publishing.

While I understand that agent representation does not automatically mean writing success, after speaking to a good friend of mine I understand better that an agent can open doors that might otherwise stay closed…or at least be harder to open. An agent can also add, just by agreeing to represent me, an aura of ‘legitimacy’ that can, again, open avenues that self-published authors have a more difficult time with because of the ‘stigma’ still attached to the idea that self-publication equals trash.

This does not mean I’m at the query stage…yet. I am still fleshing out my WIP. But I hope to be there soon 🙂


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