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Nano fail, statistics hell and ‘Maid’.

Yes. I failed Nanowrimo this year. I signed up with the best of intentions, as I’ve done every single year since 2008. The difference this year has been school. Specifically, mine. More specifically, statistics. Yes, I thought I could do conquer writing 50k words in 30 days *and* math. Don’t know what the hell prompted *that* idea, but two weeks of trying to do both cured me of it pretty damn quickly.

Since quitting school isn’t an option, I dropped out of Nano. However, I got two pages of a beginning for a new novel that will be worked on after ‘Maid’ is done being edited. I count that as a ‘win’.

Instead of Nanoing, I am committing to working on ‘Maid’ edits as much as I can. I will not, however, drive myself into the ground to get it done. I know where my heart lies, and it lies with words. I’ll get there. Eventually.

Statistics is…problematic. I think it would be *tons* easier if I had a clue about Excel going into the class. But now I’m finding myself learning Excel at the same time I’m trying to learn statistics.

Live and learn, I guess. I won’t be making a mistake like *this* again.

I hope.


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