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Lady Gwenivere

Shanti first wrote me in 2008. I don’t think I was quite what she expected, but then again, I wasn’t what I expected, either. She managed to incorporate my historical marriage to Arthur and tie it in to my forbidden romance with Lancelot in such a way that the ‘new’ history which emerged made perfect sense.

I appreciate her efforts on my behalf.

But she hasn’t touched my novel since then. It hasn’t been read, or edited, by anyone since she wrote it down. And I don’t find that to be particularly fair. Even I can see there are issues to be addressed. For instance, as much as I adore Lance, I would never constantly refer to him as ‘my love’.  Maybe some women would do so to their husbands, but she didn’t write me the way history remembers me, and I have to be true to her words. After all, I’m what she has envisioned. Nothing more and nothing less.

I’ve tried speaking to her about it, but she’s so busy with her children and school (imagine! A woman attending school!), she pushes me to the side. For some reason, she seems to believe her next novel…’Maid’ something or other, is her best option to being published. But I was written from the heart. My novel contains the deepest, darkest secrets of her soul. I would never tell them (a lady does not spill secrets), but I would think my story, which has withstood the test of time itself, would lend itself more readily to publishing.

I may try speaking to her again soon. She has not written anything for a long time and that cannot bode well for any of her characters. After all, if she fails to publish us, our stories will simply be nothing more than words on a page.





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