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Back from the relative dead

School tried to kill me. That’s my only reason for not writing more than I have. Who knew that raising viable kids, teaching said sprouts, publishing my first book and going to school all at the same time was so damn difficult?? 😀

I’m seriously considering continuing my schooling and going for my Masters in Creative Writing specializing in Fiction. While I never, ever thought I’d say that, I’ve also learned that I love college. I really, really do. It makes me feel like I’m not stagnating in my life and, honestly, I want to make sure that if something happens to my husband, I have the means to support myself and our kids. Nothing like being out of the work-force for 10+ years to make me realize I need more… not just to fulfill my own desires, but to be the best parent I can possibly be. And the upside is that the boys get to see me working hard in school — which can only benefit them in their home education. Especially when one example was me me crying over pre-algebra and statistics. Yup. I cried. But hopefully my kids will see that sometimes you just have to plow through the hard stuff in life…even if it makes you cry.




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