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S stands for Sore, Sultry and Schoolwork

S stands for sore. As in my feet are. And my back is. But it’s an accomplished feeling sore, not an ‘Oh, crap, what did I do?!’ sore.

Or seven, as in the seven miles I walked today with my best friend, my Great Dane and her toddler in a stroller.

Or schoolwork, which I just got completed, 2.5 hours before the deadline. Whew!

It was going to stand for sultry, or sensual, or even sexy.

None of which I’m feeling at this particular moment in time. 😀

But those last three are very important, if you writing a certain type of book. It doesn’t have to be paranormal romance, or, really, even a romance at all. But most women (and yes, I’m well aware I’m completely generalizing) like a bit of sensual in their reading material. It doesn’t even have to lead into sex. In fact, my personal opinion is, the less written means more left to the imagination… which allows your reader to go as far as they’re comfortable.
I’m currently in the throes of writing a ‘light’ paranormal romance. I say ‘light’ because there is no sex. But there’s plenty of heat and sensual. (At least in my admittedly biased opinion.)
(excerpt… rough draft)
“If she was committed to you,” Bett purred, sliding off the stool and over to me. “She wouldn’t be with someone else.”

I shook his head. “I can’t—I can’t think when you’re this close.” I scraped my chair backward across the hardwood floor.

Bett licked her lips. “And I can’t think when you’re so very—” she leaned over me, the top two buttons on her blouse falling open almost of their own accord, “far away.”

“Bett…” I stared at the expanse of smooth skin, the color of ivory piano keys.

“Michael…” Bett straightened…
(end excerpt.)
I may or may not add some actual sex in… but thus far, that’s not where the story is heading. I’m letting my characters decide where to go. After all, it’s their story, not mine.


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