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R stands for Rosemary

No, not Rosemary as in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. Rosemary, as in the oh so fragrant herb which took over much more than its allotted space in my garden and became a very full plant about the size of the monster plant of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ fame.

I spent an hour outside, trimming it down to a manageable shrub. And then two hours processing all that rosemary into trimmings I could freeze and dry for future use. I never thought working outside could be so stress relieving, but thanks to one of my best friends, I discovered a great pleasure in the ‘old’ skills ; gardening, weeding (rather than paying someone to do it for me), and canning, which I have yet to do on my own, but am definitely putting on my ‘list’.

As a result, I have six baggies of rosemary in my freezer, sixteen bunches of it hanging in my bedroom closet, and a small patch of garden waiting for more herbs. 😀


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