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T stands for Teaching

I’m not the world’s greatest teacher. I’m not even close. I get frustrated when the boys don’t grasp what I’m attempting to teach them, or when neither of them can spell a simple word after what feels like the gazillionth time I’ve told them. Or a zillion other examples of home education.

But then there are times when I look at my sons and the way they behave and I think ‘Oh, yeah! I am sooo doing this right!’ And it feels like my heart will burst with pride at the men they are becoming.

My teen stands up for girls when he sees wrong. He knows what a true, loving relationship consists of and he strives to be that kind of a man. He got into a friend’s face when that friend’s girl was crying and being ignored for a text on a phone.

My pre-teen always comes home before dark… and, if plans change, he calls home to ensure we know where he is.

My sons communicate with adults on an adult level and are not shy about voicing their opinion, even when it differs from everyone else.

Both the boys understand that respect is earned, not automatically given. This doesn’t mean they’re unnecessarily rude. But they treat people with the same respect they are shown.

Neither of them care one iota about differences relating to race, creed, color, sexual preference or religion.

That makes me incredibly proud. My husband and I have done well.

No, we don’t *do* official school every single day. But I’m a firm believer that learning is far more than reading, writing and arithmetic. Yes, they do actual pen and paper schoolwork. But they also work in the yard, do their own laundry, clear their dishes off the table, feed the dogs and help clean the house. All of which are just as important to life as what other children learn in their brick and mortar schools.



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