Mistakes in writing

It’s just this simple.

If your reader is pulled out of the world you have created, for any reason that’s not real life, you have failed.

I’ve always known this intellectually, but it hit me full force this morning, when I was reading over the edits one of my betas sent. All those ‘little’ mistakes she caught were places where my words pulled her out of the story. Where I failed in effectively painting a picture she could immerse herself completely in.

That being said, you’ll make mistakes. You’ll make mistakes that aren’t caught. That’s the nature of being human; of having a brain that moves faster than your fingers can type. And that’s okay. If the story is strong enough, if the lure of the plot is human enough, you’ll be forgiven those errors in typing. Some of my favorite best-selling authors have mistakes scattered in their novels. And yet I’ve read their books over and over and over, until the covers are worn and the pages are thin.

It happens.

Forgive yourself and move on.



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