Bad reviews aren’t so bad.

Bad reviews do not a death sentence make. I’m no expert on them. I only have 16 reviews on Amazon and a handful more than that on Goodreads. And, I’ll admit, the first bad one about laid me out. In it, the reviewer called my writing ‘worse quality than a high school essay’, lacking in adjectives and said my plot was confusing. I took a week to vent and cry and wonder if I was an idiot in thinking my book ‘baby’ was even remotely worth it.

Then I pulled up my big girl panties.The first thing I did was look up other books she had reviewed and guess what? They were all of a genre my book wasn’t. No wonder she didn’t like it.

As cruel as that first review was, it made me think. It made me more conscious of the adjectives I wanted to use for my next work in progress. So as badly as it hurt my feelings, I was still able to take something away from it that is helping me create another book…and how can that be a bad thing for a writer?

Sometimes reviewers will devastate you. It’s like they forget that you’re a living, breathing person on the other side of that review. Someone who poured blood, sweat, tears and many, many hours of work into their writing. And, believe it or not, that’s their prerogative. What you need to do is realize that it’s just their opinion. As long as you’re not being personally attacked, it’s just. their. opinion. Not everyone will like what you write.

And that’s perfectly all right.

You’re an author. Shrug it off and keep on keepin’ on. It’s worth it.


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