K stands for Knights

When I was a little girl, I wanted a knight to come and sweep me off my feet.  Not because my home life was horrible or I was treated poorly, or anything else beyond the simple fact of ‘What little girl doesn’t dream of a knight coming and taking her off into the sunset?’

I placed that burden on every single boyfriend I ever had. One managed to live up to my expectations. For a time. But reality clouded in circumstances and growing up took care of that. We chose different paths. I learned, while knights are something to be dreamed of, that mentality doesn’t work in my reality. I don’t need a knight to protect me from the big, bad world, I need a partner to help me survive it.

Do I still sometimes wish for a knight? Yes, but you won’t find me wearing a gown and bemoaning my fate while I’m waiting. I’ll be out slaughtering the goblins and ogres standing in my way.








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