‘C’ stands for Cat Naps

Cat naps. What an awesome concept. Curling up on the couch after lunch just long enough to get rid of those pesky ‘after lunch nappies’? Heaven.

I don’t get cat naps. I get naps that pretend to be cat naps, but are really kitten naps in disguise; naps that are interrupted just as I doze off, so I wake up fuzzier than I was when I went to sleep in the first place.

I’d rather dog nap instead. My Dane dog naps. He gets up on the couch, sprawls across it, and starts to snore. I’d do that… well, minus the snoring aspect.



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12 responses to “‘C’ stands for Cat Naps

  1. I tried to cat nap 3 times yesterday. Each time they were kitten naps and it colored my whole evening. And not for the better. 😦

  2. Trying again for a comment, LOL. I love the differentiation you’ve made between cat, kitten, and dog naps. By far my favorite are cat naps. Peace out!

  3. *giggles* Nicely put. Maybe to get a cat nap in you need to do what my cat does and go up somewhere really high that nobody can reach you to bother you.

  4. I LOVE cat naps!! And nope, I don’t feel guilty either when I curl up and snooooze…lol…course, it’s easier to do when nobody is home!! 🙂

  5. Only slightly easier… LOL! I usually get woken up by ‘Moooom, he’s on youtube on the computer and he’s not allowed!’ or the front door opening and shutting.

  6. LOL I can’t nap at all. Cat nap, dog nap, nothing.

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