Multiple Book Personality

I have Multiple Book Personality disorder. I’ve had an eight books fantasy series,  two young adult novels, one paranormal romance and a stand alone fantasy floating around in my head. Two and two halves are already written, which still leaves me with eight and two halves (and all the accompanying personalities contained therein) mind locked. They tend to chatter to me if I focus too much on them, or on their storyline, which made doing mundane things, like sleeping, difficult. Some day, I will buy a micro-cassette recorder and keep it by the bed so when they start babbling, I can just roll over and speak into the mic. I think that would make my life easier.

The worst part of having MBP  is focusing enough to finish one manuscript before starting on the next. I’ve been editing one since I wrote it during my very first National Novel Writing Month back in 2008. The other one is in a mess of a first draft.  It was originally written for someone I loved passionately, so it holds a lot of my heart. I’m just not sure it holds enough viable material to make it a publishable work. I’ve put it into my ‘someday’ pile, y’know, for when I don’t have anything better to do.






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3 responses to “Multiple Book Personality

  1. HaHa.. I thought I was the only one who has put each of my fingers and toes in multiple places, struggling hard to concentrate and finish one thing before I start another!!

    • LOL, no. I think every writer has more than one story floating around at a time. The trick is actually being able to focus enough to get one out before the others start chattering at you.

      • Well, mine is way too different!! Istart reading, I want to write. I start writing, I want to animate, I start animating, I want to web design, I start that, I want to blog. And the cycle continues. Sigh!!
        Neither Jack, nor Master!!

        Any suggestions?

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