I, we and the ever mysterious ‘they’

Who are the mysterious ‘they’, anyway? Have you ever thought about it? ‘They’ tell you if you have heartburn when you’re pregnant, it means your baby will be born with a full head of hair. ‘They’ tell you if you cross your eyes and someone slaps you on the back, your eyes will stay that way.

Okay, so that last can be attributed to your parents, but you catch my drift.


For years I’ve been referring to other writers, the published writers, as ‘they’. As if they were a class unto themselves. As if being published put up a wall between us and them. And that simply isn’t so. Just because we’re part of the unpublished masses, that doesn’t make our words less important, less viable. It just means they’ve gone a step further than we have. They put their words out there to be accepted or rejected.


So I decided last week to start referring to myself as a writer. I am a writer. I am a lover of words, and lover of well told stories. I write, not because I can, but because I can’t not write. I may not be published yet, but I am still a writer.



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2 responses to “I, we and the ever mysterious ‘they’

  1. Getting curious – what all do you write? Diaries? Novels? Poems? I know you dont like essays much. Articles for a magazine? Blogs yes, Tweets? Fiction? Non fiction? Humor? Adventure? The list goes on..

    So, what do you write? what do you like writing about?

    • I write pretty much what appeals to me. (One advantages to being as of yet unpublished, I guess. Whatever I feel like writing, I do.) I’ve written poetry in the past, and started out (a LONG time ago!) writing short stories. In 2007 I wrote my first full length fantasy novel, 2008 brought a Young Adult ‘new spin on an old legend’ to light, in 2009 I wrote half of an ‘epic quest’ type of fantasy, and in 2010 I started writing a paranormal romance. Currently, I’m editing the 2008 Young Adult and working on the paranormal romance between my school and the boys’.

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